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Hey everybody, I have a massive trading project for everyone now. I am willing to give two stories and 10 dollars to whoever will do some images for the Nanny's Nursery series I have on here. The rules for the trades is that I am willing to do anything for the stories you want with no restrictions on the content. Secondly, I want to see the image colored in completely and I will do my half of the trade when I see the image. I also require a sample of your previous work though the artwork doesn't have to be something you posted on here or anywhere else. Finally if you don't or can't color in the image for some reason, I will be willing to color it in for you in a paint program though you will only receive one story and 5 dollars for the unfinished work. This will be a series of images and I will update this journal as drawings are taken and completed and as new ones come up. I have a list of each image idea listed below along with what volume of the series It was featured in. All of the characters in this are wearing diapers underneath their sleepers so if you don't feel comfortable with diapers or diaper usage then you don't have to participate in this or comment on it. I would like for the character designs for volume 3 to be finished before people start doing the scenes. I will let people do the scenes of Nanny's Nursery Volume 3 be done first if people mainly choose to focus on that though. The information here is to help define the characters so people can have a good idea of what to draw though anything else about the picture such as backgrounds for the character drawings is purely optional and up to the artist though it must be something that fits the character's personality.

Volume 2 Scenes

1.Tanya and Kat, the yellow and pink rangers waking up in a princess Lune and Princess Twilight Sparkle sleeper and meeting a converted Sailor Mercury who is now in a Lopunny sleeper and diaper that is clearly hard to move in.

2. Sailor Pluto in a full Venus Claptrap sleeper restraining Sailor Uranus and the Blue Zeo ranger who are partially trapped in a shark sleeper and a Floatzeal sleeper.

3. A small picture showing what Nanny's heart bubble ability does as it captures a hero and encases them in their costume with an image showing a group of cartoon hands sewing a costume around a character as well.

Volume 3 Character designs

Princess Chibi-Luna Description-Sailor Chibusa wearing a princess Luna sleeper with a pink dress which fit huge on her waist and had a lot of bows and frills especially on the chest area over her bib which changed color to be gold with a pink crescent the imperial pink crystal still in the center as she got a huge pink princessish wizard cone hat on top of her head and pink trimmings on her hoof guards with a pink tiara as part of her wizard hat

Princess Sunmoon Description-Sailor Moon wearing a princess Celetia sleeper with a curly mane and a white corset around her waist as she gained a hot pink and lavender dress with lots of fluff trim and gold emblazing and a now huge five tiered crown replacing her tiara

Princess Tuxedo Candence description-Tuxedo Mask wearing a princess Candence sleeper with a frilly and girly white wedding dress with numerous bows tied in his hair.

Sailor Discord description-A black haired girl with a discord sleeper and a commanders outfit from star trek.

Shining Kou description-Seiya Kou in a Shining Armor sleeper with a red dress coat with golden buttons and a purple shield crest with a purple harness and a knight's helmet.

Sunset Hino description-Sailor Mars wearing a Sunset Shimmer sleeper with a black leather jacket and a violet ascot and tight leather shorts and boots and sunglasses.

The Cutie Mark Sailor Soldiers description-The Amazon Quartet in Cutie Mark Crusaders sleepers with Ceres in an Applebloom sleeper, Pallas in a Sweetie Belle Sleeper, Vestalo in a Scootaloo sleeper and Juno in a Baps Seed sleeper with each of them having a cloaks was blue with a red trim, with golden thread on the inside and had Nanny's smiling face shown on the back and a red diaper and bib with the same design on them.

Rachel Lefume description-A blond haired girl wearing a purple skunk sleeper similar to Fifi Lefume and a frilly purple dress with poufy shoulders and purple lipstick on both her costume's and her own lips.

Angel McCormick description-The blue Beetleborg now wearing a white bunny sleeper with an outfit similar to the white rabbit's from Alice and Wonderland with Nanny's face shown on the front and back

Josephine the Pooh description-The red beetleborfgwearing a teddy bear sleeper similar to Whinnie the Pooh with a red shirt and a matching red bow around her waist.

AJ Mercury description-Sailor Mercury wearing a Applejack sleeper with a cowboy hat and black boots and a fancy cowboy themed brown and green dress.

Rari-Venus description-Sailor Venus in a Rarity sleeper with pink and purple, long flowing princess style dress with a tiara on bonnet design with lots of room in the back to show off the diaper.

Rainbow Neptune description-Sailor Neptune in a Rainbow dash sleeper with her own hair matching her sleeper's mane and a Wonderbolts outfit.

Blue Artemis description-Artemis's human form in a prince Blueblood sleeper and an old fashioned masquerade mask and black and gold noble's outfit with Nanny's face shown on the chest part of the sleeper.

Gilda Marie description-The gold ranger from Power Ranger's SPD with a Slyveon sleeper with Nanny's face on the but of the sleeper and white clown make up and red nose.

Lisa description-The nova ranger from Power Ranger's SPD in a Delphox sleepe with a large plush twig and wearing a long flowing kimono with a flame motif and long sleeves that covered her hands with Geisha make up on her face.

Charlie description-The A squad Red ranger frome Power Ranger's SPD in a winter Sawbuck sleeper with a Santa beard and outfit with a huge sack for carrying things in it.

Jupiter Pie description-Sailor Jupiter in a Pinkie Pie sleeper with pink hair and beautiful and candy themed blue, white but mostly hot pink dress with a hat and shoes and red and white clown make up.

Uranus Shy description-Sailor Uranus in a Fluttershy sleeper and a plain white and blue Japanese School girl outfit.

Princess Peruru Sparkle-Peruru the dream fairy in an Alicorn Twilight Sparkle sleeper with a royal red dress and a crown.

Nanny's Nursery volume 3 scenes.

1. Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibiusa and Tuxedo Mask partially trapped in their sleepers and sharing a group hug.

2. A picture of Nanny's pocket dimension which is surrounded by rainbow colored space and has several cribs surrounding a throne.

3. Rukia Fudo being converted into her Sailor Discord personality by Tuxedo Candence in a statue garden.

4. Seiya Kou partially transformed into Shining Kou and in a battle with Chibi-Luna.

5.Sailor Mars being converted into Sunset Hino by Princess Sunmoon in a hall of mirrors. Taken by Silva 592

6. The amazon quartet in various stages of transformation into their cutie mark sailor soldiers identities in a church.

7.Rachel the purple beetleborg, and the red and blue beetleborgs all partially transformed as they react to the cutie mark sailor soldiers.

8. Sailor Mercury, partially transformed into AJ Mercury trying to buck an entire Apple Orchard.

9. Sailor Venus partially transformed making a baby blue onsie with a matching bonnet lined with inner pink putting the nanny symbol over the crotch area of it for Sweetie Pallas.

10. Sailor Neptune partially transformed and running laps while Vestalo Scoots cheers her on.

11. Lisa, and Charlie partially transformed and running from a fully transformed Gilda-Marie.

12.Sailor Jupiter partially transformed and looking extremely happy as she bakes various pastries.

13. Sailor Uranus partially transformed as she meets Rainbow Neptune and Angel McCormick as they taunt her.

14. A huge group image showing all of the captured Sailor Senshi and Nanny convincing Peruru to accept his new role as Peruru Sparkle.

15. A series of individual images of stained glass windows showing each of the heroes transformations.


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I am a 16 teen year old student in viriginia

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