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Well, I am going to Chincoteague for three days tomorrow as part of spring break then after being home for two days I'll leave for New York City. I will have a PayPal account set up by the time I get back from vacation so I will be able to do commissions for my stories. Here's a sample list of pricing.

What I will do: TF, hypnosis, mind change, My little pony, yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, digimon and monster stories for Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, and Beetleborgs or any combination of those things.

What I won't do: Anything involving mature content from rape, incest, slash and torture. I'm decidedly against that and won't do those under any circumstance.

Prices: I will only allow a story commission per person save for another type of commission described below. One story 15 U.S dollars.

If you want to commission a series from me, it will cost about 60 U.S dollars and will be about five chapters long. Now since this is a series it should have a clear plot and theme like a similar theme of TF or a common antagonist like a Monster from a T.V show.

If you want you me to do an original character or creation please provide a detailed description so I can understand how to use that creation.

I am willing to do trades for both artwork and stories but those trades will be on a one for one basis. If you want to trade for a story you will have to be willing to do one story or piece of artwork whichever your good at and willing to do in terms of topic.

Well hope everyone has a good Spring Break and after it's done I'll start taking orders for my commissions.


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my name is zero omega
United States
I am a 16 teen year old student in viriginia

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Thank you for the watch.
Okay, I understand why that was comment thread was made and what AleximusPrime did was crossing a line into being a jerk but how do I fit in to all of this?
Pony-who-waited Apr 14, 2014  Student Photographer
i think both sides need to chill, i pointed out to him that 'it was a joke'
he blocked me and never replied.
to me that is rude and very immature .
Yeah, I think Aleximusprime can be nice at times but this right here is definitely being a jerk if you ask me. If I get blocked by him because of what I said, so be it. It will at least know where I stand with him.
(1 Reply)
CordeliaChan Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im not sure
Well if you want I could try talking some sense into Aleximusprime myself. I'm generally on good terms with him and I'd probably have better luck at having him listening to me than you would.
(1 Reply)
Whoa thanks for all the :+fav:s! And the watch too!!! :D
Yeah I liked the fullmetal alchemist digimon crossover and would really enjoy seeing each of them interact with each other.
I see and ya it would be cool ^^
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